MLM Home Business Video Marketing – Crush the Competition With YouTube

Back in 2006 when I first became a member on YouTube, I instantly knew there was massive potential in my affiliate and network marketing ventures. I felt I had uncovered a goldmine for accumulating the residual income I was seeking. With my entrepreneur mentality, I could see many incredible things that could be done with video marketing. This was essentially new territory for many business owners, but no individual could’ve predicted the rapid growth that has occurred in only the last couple years.

Are you aware YouTube is the third most frequented site worldwide? Ron Paul is a great example of how the viral effects of video can skyrocket notoriety and fame. He raised in excess of 6 million dollars in grassroots campaign contributions in one day, all from this social media boom! YouTube was very instrumental in this, as that his videos were continuously shown on the front page because of the truckloads of ratings, comments, and favorites.

Here’s the deal. Folks are lazy, plain and simple. People would much rather view a video than read a newspaper, article, or other forms of print media. Large TV networks are trying to team-up and compete with YouTube, since very little amounts of viewers are turning to evening television news stations for information anymore! The laggards that haven’t capitalized on this social media explosion, are on the endangered species list since the mlm home business marketplace is very competitive in nature.

For over 2.5 years now, I’ve been showing home biz owners and network marketers how to literally crush their competition and own their community and niche. I am the creator of a tested video training series that teaches home-based business owners and many other professionals how to leverage web 2.0 social media websites like Myspace, YouTube, Facebook, and Squidoo to get massive quantities of highly-targeted leads calling them every day. The most amazing part is that it’s all done without ever having to spend one single dollar on advertising!

Many have credited me with single-handedly making history and transforming the “antiquated” ways of marketing very quickly. These strategies and tactics have stunned many conventional network marketing consultants and sponsors, as they’ve started to become aware they are about to become extinct. The market has changed dramatically in the past three years. These secret techniques are what the experts utilize and are for those that who are searching to put there marketing on steroids!

Videos on social networks like YouTube, stay on the websites and continue to do the work for you even while you sleep. The most wealthy business owners in the world leverage this way. Your audience also gets to know you well and verifies that you are a real person. By positioning yourself in the special way I teach, your subscribers will grow quickly and the possibility exists to make a killing. I speak from first-hand experience. Potential new members to your downline will also be open to your message since they will feel like they they’ve already spoken with you personally before contact you on the phone.

In my 30 video training system, even a beginner can copy the simple techniques I’ve used to consistently dominate my local competition and own Google on the searches. For example, I blanket the first page of Google search in several of my ventures. Many times this was accomplished by submitting one video and using just one insider trick I show people I coach. I have applied this method with high precision to other successful affiliate ventures, too. The possibilities are endless, as to what you can learn from this program.

Wouldn’t you agree that life is supposed to be prosperous with a great deal of enjoyment. Skillful marketing on social media websites allows you time and flexibility to do what you want to do throughout the day. Implement these strategies that I’ve just mentioned to begin your journey with new ways to market your mlm business and other businesses. This will be a fun experience and you’ll amass new members like crazy, allowing you to realize your dreams.