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Voice Broadcasting Software – “The” Solution to Your Small Business Sales & Marketing Challenges

If you own or operate a small business, or you are an entrepreneur, network marketer or MLMer, you are no doubt painfully aware of the biggest challenges facing small businesses of every sort. These include of attracting new prospects, turning them into customers and then keeping them. Ideally, this should be done for free (word of mouth’s fantastic) or for a low cost. Unlike big American businesses, though, you can’t go out and market until you create a demand. What to do?

Relax. There’s good news. Now there is an affordable, effective solution to all your small business sales and marketing woes. It’s called voice mail broadcasting, or simply voice broadcasting for short. For an almost laughably small amount of money, you can send out custom sales messages to any number of potential prospects and current customers — all in a matter of minutes, at the press of a button, and right from your desktop.

In the past, reaching hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of people was a daunting proposition. You either had to invest in expensive, inflexible and hard-to-use autodialer technology, or do so with the people, phones and overhead of a telemarketing operation. Neither was a perfect solution, and both are far beyond the reach of the typical small businessperson. But with the revolutionary new voice broadcasting software that is available today, you can get your phone ringing off the hook automatically without all the headache and heavy investment. Better still, nobody has to make a cold call at all! The system does the screening and sorting for you. All you do is talk to interested people and take orders.

But what is voice broadcasting, exactly? Voice broadcasting is a technology that allows you to send a custom voice message out to thousands of households or businesses with the press of a button, quickly and inexpensively. The message is delivered both live and to voicemail, meaning that even if recipients are not at home they will get the message!

It doesn’t matter if your business is work at home/network marketing, brick and mortar or sales on the road, every successful business needs a steady stream of interested prospects and steady customers, and there’s no better nor cheaper way to find and attract prospects and customers than voice broadcasting. In the past, voice mail broadcasting technology was an expensive proposition. The equipment cost tens of the thousands of dollars and the calls were not cheap either. But the new voice broadcasting systems allow you to reach people at a cost of only nickels per call. The best systems even include business to business (b2b) and consumer leads built in. What could be better?

Now you can deliver a custom message instantly to the masses quickly and easily. Make people aware of special events and big sales, remind them of upcoming service, thank them for their ongoing business and much more. The sky is the limit! Today, voice broadcasting software is so inexpensive to use, it even makes sense for civic organizations, churches and non-profit groups to use it too. Now they can do their announcements and even fund raising calls without tying up the valuable time of employees and volunteers!

Since a small business owner or operator typically wears a bunch of hats, it’s not surprising that some fit better than others. Nowhere is this truer than in systematic sales and marketing, frequently the orphan stepchild of small business. The good intentions may be there, but often, that’s as far as it goes. What with trying to keep the doors open in the face of giant, well financed competitors, not really knowing what works and what doesn’t, let alone why, coupled with the ever-present budget constraints, it’s all too easy to simply rely on word of mouth, flyers and hope. While this may work, we’ve found that it’s no fast track to a booming business!

“The” small business direct marketing solution is voice broadcasting. If you want advertising and marketing that works and dependably, this is precisely the tool you need. Why? It puts you in charge of your own success, not random chance and hope!

Want your sales and marketing message heard above the million ad impressions a year the typical American is subjected to? Want to get private time with someone who could be your next prospect, sale or associate? Do you hate cold calls? Forget all that and change the core dynamics of your business via voice mail broadcasts! We’ve beaten our heads bloody, becoming experts on what doesn’t work. Do what works. Use modern voice broadcasting software to turn your business headaches into fat profits!