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Boost Your Business With a Well Crafted Marketing Plan

A well crafted marketing plan is vital to any business growth, as it shows you how to attract and retain your clients. Marketing plans can offer you plenty of valuable info, from which other operational plans can be crafted.

If you want to get a marketing plan off the ground, but are faced with either time or experience constraints, writing a one-page plan is often the answer. It gives you a wonderful guideline for your business, and allows you to expand it at your own pace. A one-page plan is quick to draw up and can give you a marketing to-do list, as well as an overview of your plans as they currently stand.

If you are keen to begin creating one for yourself, without any help from a professional marketing firm, then bear in mind the following need to be included:

1. Target market: Your plan should have your target audience well defined. Include demographics like age, sex, location etc, and add as much detail as you can.

2. Goals: Your company’s long term and short term goals should be well defined. Select specific goals which are measurable.

3. Strategies: These of course will include all the strategies you will be using to implement your goals. Specific strategies are also known as tactics, and if used wisely, can help you rapidly advance to the next level. Break down your strategies into weekly, monthly, quarterly and half yearly tactics where relevant.

4. SWOT analysis: Write down your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. And conduct a SWOT analysis of your personality if you believe it to be relevant.

5. Industry trends: If your company will benefit by knowledge of industry trends, then this is the place to mark them down. It will help you track down your goals and measure your progress in comparison with your competitors.

To your marketing success!

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Pink Marketing Plan: Low Budget Sponsorship of Breast Cancer Awareness Charities

The month of October gives businesses the opportunity to demonstrate to the community the values they stand for. Regardless of the size of your business, this breast cancer awareness month offers a variety of opportunities to stand out and gain visibility through sponsored events. People around you will start recognizing your brand as a community supporter. This will act as an incentive for them to choose your business over others, which is the goal of your marketing plan.

Top rated suppliers of promotional products also support this cause. They donate a percentage of the sales, from the large selection of pink promotional items, to breast cancer research. This is a cause that concerns everyone and we should all get involved.

Ideas for October’s marketing plan:

1. Put together a team with you employees and their families and sign up for the breast cancer walk.
- This team building activity is very important now that the economy might not allow you to offer the great employee benefits that you would like to present.
- Some of your client’s and even prospects might be at the breast cancer walk too so you’ll score some points with them.
- Get custom T-shirts done for your team, which have a very large space to display your company’s logo and message.
- If you don’t have employees, you can invite business associates, your clients and your family, to form a team and include the T-shirts.

2.Broadcast the upcoming events in your place of business
-Put up a sign in your location, with information about the upcoming events in the community. Even if you are not assisting it will encourage others to participate.
-Take pictures of the events you attend, post some at your location and also in your company’s Facebook. It will prove to others that they can help too.
- Use Facebook and Twitter to inform everyone about your participation, and encourage everyone to participate as well.
-Remember, if you can’t afford to participate, broadcasting these events it’s still a contribution.
- Don’t let your contribution go unnoticed!

3.Sponsor a fundraising event at any level you can afford.
-Donate a pink theme item with your logo for the breast cancer walk or any other event. This will help your branding and the organizers will appreciate your donation.
-Donate a set percentage of your October sales to a charity foundation.
-If you are in retail, put a clear box next to the register and ask people to make a small donation in exchange of a branded pink item. If you want to go the extra mile, match every dollar you collect.
-Organize a fundraising between your business neighbors. Offer a prize for the company that accumulates the most funds, and donate all the collections to a charity foundation.
-Make sure your advertising is appropriate for your audience and make public how much you are collecting and giving to the charity.

Make sure you consult about the legalities by consulting with your attorney or contacting the local chapter of the Breast Cancer Association or American Cancer Society.
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Marketing Plan Templates – Free? I’ll Show You Where to Get Them

If you are looking for marketing plan templates free then you are probably interested in starting up a marketing plan, and this might be your first business. I will show you where to get free templates, but first let me tell you how to fast track your plan. This info is valuable so read carefully.

Why do you need a scheme in the first place, what good are the marketing plan templates free? Well, these kinds of documents are problem-solving ones. Most huge problems can be broken down into a combination of smaller ones. Take care of the small problems and the big one will be looked after too.

That is what a marketing plan is, it takes care of a big problem and leads to ultimate success. Its about market research. If you know your audience, and you know their problems, all you have to do is to help solve those problems for the people you have researched.

Once you have established this, all you have left is to set goals, so down the road you can analyze the data to see if you have arrived, and then you will know where you are going. Basically a good plan will help you and your company, and all of its departments to be focused.

It is not enough just to have marketing plan templates free, you will need brainstorming and creativity too. My tip: if you and your company hasn’t already done this join the Internet!

Do it now!

There is no better place on earth that is better suited for doing business, and being a marketer. The Internet is a marketers dream come true. There is no more guess work involved in your campaigning, in you advertising strategies, in your target audiences.

Basically you can follow your plans in real time, and change them in real time. If you see, in real time, part of your plan out performing another part, you can instantly put more resources into the winning part and dramatically enhance it with a click! I can’t begin to tell you how awesome this is.

I have researched markets, set goals, and created marketing plans in hours online. How?

Internet marketing is all about keyword research. Find the right keywords and you will find your niche markets of highly targeted people. People search online for the solutions to problems that you will solve for them. With Google’s free keyword tool you can find these niches in a few minutes.

All you have to do after that is match a product that will solve their problem. The amount of money and speed you can do business online is almost incomprehensible. The net is growing and more and more businesses are turning to it to become truly profitable. There is no easier place to do marketing. Now I’ll show you the best place on the entire net where you can learn all about being a successful Internet marketer, and you will find a link to marketing plan templates free: