10 Steps to an Extraordinary Marketing Plan

Do you want a Marketing Plan that sets out your marketing purpose clearly and concisely? Then you need to follow these steps to guarantee marketing success.

Step 1: Write down the purpose of your business

This is a one sentence summary of what the purpose of your business is.

Step 2: Define your market situation

  • What are your customers doing?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • What is your market environment doing?

Step 3: Set goals and objectives

You cannot have a plan if you do not know where your are going. Your goal tells you where you are going and your objective tells you how you are going to get there.

Step 4: Define your market

Know your customer profile – who they are, where they are and how they are.

Step 5: Use your marketing plan to advance your position, brand and creative strategy

  • Your Position-this is the niche that only your business can fill in your customers mind
  • Your Brand–the characteristics and attributes and implied promises that customers remember about your business
  • Your Creative Strategy-the strategy that you will follow to endorse your brand and position in all of your marketing communications

Step 6: Set your marketing strategies

Use your plan to go into extensive detail about the following priorities:

  • Product strategies
  • Distribution strategies
  • Pricing strategies
  • Promotion strategies

Remember to add any other strategies that may be crucial to your market and business.

Step 7: Outline your tactics

Detail the tactics you will be employing to implement the above strategies. These are the various procedures that you will be following in order to implement these strategies, for example:

  • Develop product brochure
  • Develop publicity plan
  • Develop a web page etc

Step 8: Establish your budget

Do not just use last years’ budget where you just add an x amount for inflation. Begin from scratch and remember to add in all variables based on the tactics in step 7. Do not forget to make provision for additional staff, freelancers etc that may be needed to implement your marketing tactics.

Step 9: Blueprint your action plan

Put an action plan together detailing what needs to be done, by when and by whom. Allocate deadlines, budgets and responsibility clearly to ensure that team members are aware at all times of scope of work.

Step 10:Think long term

Indicate possible market development opportunities that you will research over the next 12 months. Some things should not be rushed into so use the time available to go into detail with these opportunities so that when it is time to develop next years’ marketing plan you will have all the info available.

Last step (but most certainly not the least): All of the above steps are of absolutely no use if this step is not implemented: USE YOUR PLAN!